Do I need a lip brush to apply lipstick? How to

by:MHLAN     2020-07-01
For convenience, many girls apply lipstick directly to their lips. Sometimes they accidentally scratch their faces. How can I apply lipstick without a lip brush? Today I will introduce you to the use of lip brushes! Should I use a lip brush to apply lipstick? Should I use a lip brush to apply lipstick? Lipstick is needed to apply lipstick! Don't underestimate this lip brush, when you decide to choose it, you only find it irreplaceable. 1. Lip brush can help you to repair lip defects to the greatest extent and fill lip lines. 2. Make the lip color fuller! Do not float! Make your lip makeup more docile. 3. Restore the original color of lipstick to the greatest extent. Lip brush draws a gorgeous bite lip makeup 1. After applying concealer cream on the lips, use a lip brush to apply dark lipstick to the inside of the lips. 2. Divide the lips into three areas and paint them with different colors. Note that the color is lightened from the inside out. What is the correct lip makeup removal method? 1. First gently press the lips with a paper towel to absorb the oil in the lipstick; 2. Use a cotton pad moistened with cleansing oil to lightly apply the lips for 30-60 seconds to completely dissolve the lip makeup; 3. Smile makes the lip lines stretch. Use a cotton pad to gently wipe the makeup from the corner of the lips to the center of the lips in a vertical manner to remove the makeup. Do not rub it back and forth; 4. Finally fold the cotton pad in half, open the corner of the mouth and gently squeeze the cotton pad to completely remove the residual makeup; 5. Rinse with clean water and apply olive oil.
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