Foshan honey - paint production MHLAN toiletries

by:MHLAN     2020-10-03
Details of the shading brush brush, shading, etc. The design of the brush honey cheek is red with red cheek and side before painting cheek is red brush two methods. Blush blush is in smile muscles before picture, side cheek is red is from both of zygomatic side brush to central, cheekbones to deepen silhouette, creating elegant feeling, so more suitable for mature women. At the beginning of colour makeup can use a light hand cheek is red brush out bedding face, then trim off too dense, but must be in the correct control good strength, don't destroy the bottom makeup. : the design of brush also points a lot of kinds, common are flat, round head, bevel, tongue, fire type, the flat top, the selection of brush recommend common type of oh, such as dispersion and cheek is red brush painting selection round head, large area, convenient powder is much and shading, and remember must remember shaking powder before brush cheek is red, in case the hand is too heavy, makeup brush, of course, this is, after all, east to close contact with face every day. Makeup tools sweet stucco around for me to wait two buccal on the pore is bulky that mix oil, poke, poke, poke, can have very perfect to fill the role of the pore. And flat brush bristles tight tight solid, on the bottom makeup delicate break, it's not easy to produce the brush marks. : cosmetic powder puff, of course, is used to put & other; Powder & throughout; To face, sponges and plush texture points. Many pressed powder with powder puff. Including but not limited to circular shape, ling, gourd. Makeup threading cutting remove nap, adjust the length of each eyebrow. Makeup xiumei dao threading is a kind of beauty tools, usually selects the high quality plastic and the blade is made and be become. Using threading knife can do to help? Five commonly used set of brush tutorial, many are asking small make up recently, sweet stucco shading around the flaws. Cheek is red brush: in order to prevent the heavy hand, best in hand back the advance inunction for color is adjusted and then slightly brush on the risorius. Nasal shadow brush: coated with shadow sticks in nose two side, and then use the nasal shadow brushes. Powder paint: gently dab powder in different parts of the face have a calm makeup effect. Large eye shadow brush: for the render of the eyelid, can let an eye some deep feeling. Small eye shadow brush: when we were in the use of colour makeup products is also want to with a good brush or powder puff, it won't be able to play the effect of the make-up products. The answer is yes, good collocation of the tool, can make whole makeup supplies in the play the greatest effect on his face. Today and you talk about makeup tools usage is different and special.
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