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by:MHLAN     2020-10-03
Details of the shading brush brush, shading, etc. The design of the brush makeup brush set if the most basic, the most compact, three brush it for you, a medium eye shadow brush, cheek is red brush, a powder ( Sweet stucco) ; Usually in addition to these, also need a foundation brush, eyeliner brush, lip brush, concealer brush, eyebrow brush, eye shadow brush three, best used to render, stacks of color and shading, small local stresses that do almost is that: the design of brush also points a lot of kinds, common are flat, round head, bevel, tongue, fire type, the flat top, the selection of brush recommend common type of oh, such as dispersion and cheek is red brush painting selection round head, large area, convenient powder is much and shading, and remember must remember shaking powder before brush cheek is red, in case the hand is too heavy, of course, make-up brush the east tool: make up brush powdery foundation brush on the market is divided into three types of flat makeup brush set, the pursuit of good to fit in the the foundation of a brush, recommend type toothbrush! Handle with the good effort, good push easily, is a the novice on the makeup of the artifact. Bristles soft close skin, interpretation of the powder evenly, also both beginners the most sensitive point: zero brush marks! A fool makeup brush too much ~, flat head, flat inclined foundation brush. Flat feather slightly tapering circular arc, the most common is the longest use, flat head foundation brush best use in the eyes and face from scratch. Flat type feather, and flat, high quality flat foundation brush aggregation feather is concave, is the most can hit light effect. Flat inclined type feather material density, culminating in balance hair, density and length. Small amount of makeup brush cleaning fluid. 2, put the brushes in water mixing, makeup brush set to pour board tent card inside the box machine, vertical downward soak. Wooden paint again soak finished, will remove the air drying, paint smell will fade, then coloured lacquer on 7 - over and over again 8 times, to complete the process. 5. Makeup handle above lacquer ( Paint - soak Transparent paint) Finally a coloured lacquer dry, began on transparent paint, transparent paint 2 - at the meeting Three times, the machine working procedure such as consistent with coloured lacquer painting. Second, the makeup brush wool production and rub gently with his fingers makeup brush head. 3, with a paper towel makeup brush on excess water pressure. 4, finally put the make up brush level in the shade, let it dry naturally. Cleaning makeup brush tools: 1. Johnson's baby shampoo, all brush you can use it to clean, do not hurt the bristles. Cooperate with washing tools: sigma scrubbing pad ( large
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