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by:MHLAN     2020-10-02
Girl will start to detail vertigo brush, cosmetic brush set and from the design, type brush the tongue is more suitable for makeup to help others, such as professional makeup girl is often used, new sister or and she say 'goodbye'. Flat brush, also known as flat brush, is my favorite and most recommend buying on the bottom makeup brush. Because it is in contact with the skin area is large, will soon be good bottom makeup. More complex, the details of the color level dizzy dye brush can be a very good to take care of the details, make the eye makeup is more delicate and beautiful. Cheek cheekbones and repair, I suggest also inclined shadow brush head. 'this cant finish brush at the bottom of the shape is very close to this shape, do not need to deliberately control, also do not need the depth of the high skill, can repair the natural range of the shadow, this shape repair soft brush easy cheaper than mink coats; Man-made fibers: is harder than above animal hair, makeup brush set more can be used as a honey to paint or powder paint met his tools don't know how to use, small make up today are very hard-working to collected the use of the cosmetic brush, enjoy. Make-up brush steps and method of use: powder brush, generally are first on the bottom makeup, makeup look is the foundation brush the tongue shape makeup brush, brush with less time and more quantity on your face. Concealer brush: after finishing bottom makeup on face, the face of the defective touch with concealer brush can take block defect creams besmear in the defective parts, suitable for thick cream colour makeup. And if it is man-made fiber, also there are many kinds of choices, as far as possible choose high quality fiber wool, high quality wool fiber can smooth texture, feel good. Nylon: the most hard, much as a eyelash brush, eyebrow brush. Of (among) all the makeup brushes, MAO's precious degree is lined the sable hair, squirrel hair ( Including general choice than concealer brush blain blain of a smaller size concealer brush, cosmetic brush set recognition: from the smell the smell of cosmetics have quietly elegant, some strong, but very pure. If smells acrid odor, explain is fake or bad products. Recognition from the feeling: take a little makeup gently daub on the skin, if can attach to the skin evenly compact and has a smooth and comfortable feeling, is the fine texture of cosmetics. If after coarse daub, sticky feeling, and even dry skin tickling,, is a poor quality cosmetics. Because eye below black rim of the eye are generally elongated, block defect need details. And the choice of the bristles must is a gentle nature as the prerequisite, detail as far as possible the bristles. Usage: use concealer point where you need to block defect, such as in the red blain blain blain to imprint, and gently press the blain blain, handle defects with the surrounding skin border, at the same time make it
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