Fujian sweet stucco - quotation MHLAN toiletries

by:MHLAN     2020-10-02
For the first time use cleaning again if off when washing the hair, or other damage can also be timely communication with the merchants returns a replacement. Clean makeup brush: 1, daily maintenance: after using, sweet stucco shading around the flaws. Cheek is red brush: in order to prevent the heavy hand, best in hand back the advance inunction for color is adjusted and then slightly brush on the risorius. Nasal shadow brush: coated with shadow sticks in nose two side, and then use the nasal shadow brushes. Powder paint: gently dab powder in different parts of the face have a calm makeup effect. Large eye shadow brush: for the render of the eyelid, can let an eye some deep feeling. Small eye shadow brush, brush along the surface of paper, wipe excess cosmetics. 2, regular maintenance: once a week, will brush dipped in diluted warm soapy water, along the hair wash, and then rinse with cold water. With a paper towel dry brush gently. When completed, will brush, after all, is to close contact with face every day. Makeup tools around sweet stucco in same cutting good will in a blender with wooden handle surface with paint to fully mix, avoids the first line of paint directly on the handle of the bubble. 4. Makeup brush handle above lacquer ( Paint - soak Colored paint) On the above lacquer has the branch of the order, will first coloured lacquer ( For black commonly, specific color can according to customer requirements to go) , to a transparent lacquer. After finishing the first line of paint, workshop teacher can take the wooden handle out, will it a uniform nails on a board ( Note: makeup brush wooden handle and nozzle: cosmetic powder puff, of course, is used for & other; Powder & throughout; To face, sponges and plush texture points. Many pressed powder with powder puff. Including but not limited to circular shape, ling, gourd. Makeup threading cutting remove nap, adjust the length of each eyebrow. Makeup xiumei dao threading is a kind of beauty tools, usually selects the high quality plastic and the blade is made and be become. Threading knife can help the 5 - 6 hours makeup to the full, at the same time can achieve the result of containment, sweet stucco, make-up brush handle making 1. Makeup brush handle material makeup brush handle will generally choose acrylic materials, aluminum and wood, etc. , cosmetic brush wooden handle material commonly used birch, blood wingceltis have chosen ebony, Zambia a dense wood (a Choose this kind of wood does not generally do paint processing, can do surface polishing, keep the sandalwood incense, do less) 。 To meet the public demand, xiang li use makeup brush is birch and acrylic material for the handle. General can build a mist side effect of makeup look. When selecting a powder paint, should pay attention to whether the bristles, whether soft. Only soft dense brush Mao Cai can not miss facial defects, on the base of large area. The shape of the powder paint general is given priority to with circular and fan, circular can sweep powder concentrate, and fan can consider the whole round of facial.
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