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by:MHLAN     2020-06-23
Cleaning specifications and storage precautions of makeup brushes Since there are many kinds of makeup brushes on the market, it is mainly to see what type of brushes and brushes are used to brush that part. The most important thing is to understand the material of the makeup brush (bristles), and different methods of cleaning the bristles are not same. Let's take a look at the cleaning specifications and storage precautions of makeup brushes.    Foundation, concealer, creamy blush, lipstick and other creamy liquid products.    1. Fiber brush   ①Dishwashing liquid: I think the cleaning power of the washing powder and foundation brush is the strongest and fastest. The only thing to note is not to add too much. I have added too much, some of them are more dense, such as Shiseido 131 type or toothbrush-shaped foundation brush will have more detergent left on it and it is more difficult to clean.   ②Alcohol: It is also easy to wash. Better than quick-drying detergent is quick-drying, but for me it is more convenient to get the cleanser.    ③ Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo and Body Wash: If there is not much cream left in the fiber brush/use time is short, this is quite convenient to wash   ④Powder: I used Johnson & Johnson's fresh powder, the brush can be cleaned, but I always feel not very cool.    2. Weasel tail hair (such as Zhubaotang GSN6/G12, etc.), wool (such as Zhubaotang PUF1, etc.) ① I mainly use Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo + Dove soap, and yellow wolf tail hair foundation brushes are generally made into tongue brushes. I usually use one wash for this shape of the brush, and it will not be very dirty. , So one of the problems is usually not great.   ②Wool is the same as above, but there is a personal hobby when using it, and you can also use wool as a foundation brush, which can be used for cream-like repair. All powder products such as eye shadow blush highlighter and so on.    3. Wool (coarse light front fine light front subtle light front delicate light front), weasel tail hair, pony hair, raccoon hair: Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo shower gel    4. Squirrel hair (domestic squirrel hair gray squirrel hair Canadian squirrel hair red squirrel hair): Dove soap    Special scrubbing liquid/soap for each brand    In fact, they are all the same. There is no saying that the cleaning power is particularly strong and does not hurt the hair. The cleaning power of the non-wounding hair is definitely weaker. Note that alcohol is best not to wash natural hair.   Conservation 1. Nursing liquid: In fact, I have been soaking the nursing liquid sold by SSl (it is said to be a separate package imported from South Korea), but it feels like the bubble is not the same as the bubble, there will be a little fragrance. The heavy brush, his set of freesia is easy to use, but no matter how many times I wash it, there is always a smell of sheep. Every time I sweep it on my face, I feel like a group of sheep licking my face. .. If you mix the smell of the care solution, it will be even more catastrophic. Similarly, some squirrel hairs that have a bad smell (I don’t know why), mixed with the taste, are also very ecstatic.    2. Iron-toothed comb: Generally speaking, this comb is used to brush away floating hair, but it is very effective for the care of some hair that is more easily bent or knotted.    Generally better hair will not have these problems, but Picasso (domestic squirrel hair) in hand, a relatively long raccoon quill and some wool still have this problem.    Usage is to comb at 60° with a comb before washing the net. Do not force it or comb at 90° straight.    This is possible ↓ TB keyword is iron wood comb + textile. However, you can also find Beiyin/Shuangliren/ and various unnamed brand eyelash metal combs. The only bad thing is that the eyelash metal tooth combs comb some large loose powder brushes. It is not too powerful. The general blush brush is still good.   3. Set of nets and brushes:    ① Lace net/brush head protection net is generally used for the set net. Relatively speaking, the lace mesh will be better. Some friends have reported that the brush head protection net may make the bristles slightly curved, but I haven't encountered this situation, and I'm still using the brush head protection net.    ② There is a brush holder for the TB drying brush, but I think it is better to buy a blue butyl rubber to come back.    ③ Don't roast under the sun / blow it with hot air from a hair dryer, in fact, it is blown dry under the air conditioner very quickly.    4. Storage:   If the makeup brush is made of wood, be careful not to put it in a humid place. The wood is prone to moisture and changes in quality, which also affects the bristles.   TIPS:    ① Do not use cleansing oil to wash the brush, or desperately use detergent to wash again. ②Fiber brushes that have been used for a long time, no matter if they are used once and then not washed for a week, they are still used several times. Anyway, the paste/brush seems to be solidified, and the alcohol bubbles quickly, wash The detergent is also good.
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