How do you use the bevel cheek is red brush? - MHLAN toiletries

by:MHLAN     2020-09-30
How do you use the bevel cheek is red brush? The big four will take reason you can slant red brush? This is definitely a 'face' savior, especially a round face, big face girl, definitely need to accept! How easy is the use of inclined red brush? There must be a reason why: a big face, a round face, a savior! Face a key face bigger, must have! Because a face will make the face smaller, and the modified effect is very good. Really, only a stroke can match the cheek of one area. # must have a reason to 2: only for facial repair, faint, except as a blush naturally small edge is compelling, bevel brush completely suitable for the most concave part of the jaw/cheek ( See below) 。 After a brush with the color of the dressing, the redundant powder dust off first, and then gently from moving in the direction of jaw jaw line, make its natural coloring, will not become a whisper. # must have three reasons: personality ochre blush with twill cream-colored brush effect more sharp, solid, suitable for showing more personalized blush, as one of the most popular blush, brush with twill beige to show sexy. And round head brush effect is more gentle nature, suitable for showing gentle lovely makeup feeling. There are four reasons: suitable for zygomatic overlap and good modification effect. The 'Angle' of inclined gills red brush is one of the best ways to modify cheekbones! Because this Angle is the Angle of cheekbones are consistent, so we're going to have a good cheek is red in the above, and more luster more color, it can also be a complete, so that face is more stereo!
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