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by:MHLAN     2020-10-03
You may not know a lot of professional makeup girl is foundation brush powdery bottom, but how could the foundation brush brush with no mark is a lot of people want to know, after all, the foundation brush is shining brilliantly, but after the powder puff my face really, can take a look at this a few tips. How foundation brush brush with no mark? Powder brush is the world recognized professional and can finish brush out the bottom makeup of small tools, the brush is the foundation of more than a puff even thinner and more bright, so a lot of professional make-up and people usually tend to use powder brush to bottom makeup, but for makeup skills don't high children's shoes, use foundation brush brush will always leave a mark, so how to avoid? Try these tips to reduce foundation brush brush marks. 1, and the choice of liquid foundation. Though the foundation brush is used to brush powdery bottom, but is not a quality of a material of powdery bottom can finish brush out beauty bottom makeup, want to avoid foundation brush marks, then is to choose the liquid foundation. Because the liquid foundation exceptionally good ductility, the powdery bottom to fine brush brush evenly, wait until skin and joint is not easy to leave brush marks, uniform bottom makeup will be very thin and smooth. 2, to foundation brush do the maintenance. Bought new open foundation brush, then pour some on a piece of tin foil paper without foundation, the foundation brush dipped in liquid foundation, ensure each root brush touch to the foundation, and then wrapped in plastic bags or plastic wrap brush head and keep seal placed tie up a few minutes, then brush powdery bottom out, direct rinse powder or brush the brush head with a paper towel to wipe clean powdery bottom, this brush head will be some change soft firm, brush when the foundation is less prone to brush marks. 3, in the face with foundation brush out multiple '丨' first. Don't touch with foundation brush directly take foundation on your face, you take out a foundation of the coin in the palm or hukou ( If you feel dry can add a drop of emulsion mix) Touch with foundation brush, and then take a small amount of liquid foundation to draw on the face after multiple small '丨', and then use foundation brush brush back and forth cleaning the open slowly, such not only can avoid leaving the brush, brush and make foundation of uniform thickness. 4, pay attention to the foundation brush to use. You may have noticed the foundation brush is mostly made from synthetic fibers, so the brush bristles may be more hard, one must grasp the strength when using, is zero dynamics swept gently, lay a set not too heavy so as not to scratch the skin or powdery bottom thickness, but also can't strength is too small, so easy to cause the foundation brush brush marks remain. 5, and master the different parts of the brush method. In foundation brush cheeks, chin and forehead area larger body, choose flat foundation brush and keep 30 degree Angle, and skin and brush in the nose, eyes or lips, to replace the small flat/appropriate inclined foundation brush brush specifically around the eyes and face slightly, then brush gently brush stand up slowly again. So in some small or fold place is not easy to have the brush marks appeared. 6, ready to clean. Also need to use professional makeup tools after using the foundation brush clean next time clean and easy to use, and the next time you use won't because of uneven brush brush marks. 7 brush, powder spray on the face. After brush powdery bottom, with a moisturizing water wet hands or sponge pad and then gently press over the foundation bottom makeup, not only to moisturize dry skin bottom makeup, also can remove the foundation brush brush marks, let makeup more clean and well-balanced. Want how foundation brush brush with no mark trick is more than that, if feel uneven bottom makeup with a puff, might as well also to try for foundation brush, the effect of practice is easy to get started.
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