How is the quality of makeup brushes identified?

by:MHLAN     2020-06-28
Nowadays, with the continuous advancement of makeup technology and the continuous update of makeup products, the styles and functions of the brushes have also been updated. Now the foundation is mainly used and the popular one is the flat-headed brush. It can be used as a cream foundation. The technique is no longer the side of the brush, but the flat push of the brush head. The part of the flat brush head is soft and delicate, and the foundation is naturally symmetrical. Now the most popular is this section. . Of course, the merchants have always been innovating, and the new flat-head bevel foundation brush is also in production and will be even more powerful. The secret of buying makeup brushes is: the bristles are soft and smooth, the structure is firm and full, the bristles are not easy to fall off, and the handle is convenient to use. When the makeup brush is in your hand, you can identify its quality from the following aspects: 1. Hold the bristles with your fingers. If the bristles are very smooth, it is basically a good brush. If the curvature of the brush is not smooth, the powder will not be uniform. At this time, you can also gently comb down to see if the brush will lose hair 2. Press the brush lightly on the back of the hand and draw a semi-circular shape to see if the hair is neatly cut.
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