How long do you makeup brush didn't take a shower? - MHLAN toiletries

by:MHLAN     2020-09-30
Beautiful makeup is very refreshing, but seriously makeup very annoying; Buy cosmetics is very refreshing, but also credit card is not very comfortable; In addition, the makeup and an annoying thing, it is clear the makeup tools! From a health point of view, makeup brush, eggs, at least once a week, because used makeup tools will remain cosmetics, skin grease, dust, etc. Imagine, if you don't often wash the stains will once again on your makeup tools. Oh, no. Not only that, the long-term impurity makeup tools will breed bacteria, so you are faced with problems such as acne, sensitivity, improper selection can't blame to protect skin to taste! Therefore, industry clean makeup tools cannot be ignored is indeed a major event! Clean makeup tools you can choose a professional cleaner, use convenient, of course, the result is right also. Cosmetic tool consists of cosmetic brush, powder puff, beauty makeup the eggs. Egg powder puff and beauty makeup, in fact, it is easy to clean, you just need to soak them good, use detergent to pour them, use your hands knead beauty makeup the eggs, and then use the bubble squeeze out the rest of the powder, until there is no residual basis, even if you wash them. Then rinse and dry in a cool, ventilated place. Comparison is important to note that the cleaning must be soft. In order to not next time when making up cross color, after each use, can use the powder dry cleaning method to clean. Dry cleaning is very simple, use makeup brush dense occupation powder, and then rubbed on a clean towel, cotton, until she powder into simple. You brush if dry clean. In addition to dry cleaning, in order to clean the dust on the brush and dandruff, we must also to be wet on a regular basis. If you want to buy, you can do cleaner - himself Use hand sanitizer or dishwashing liquid ( Washing the dishes is absolutely can't stimulate skin) 2-1, with hair oil or olive oil, and in the mix. Hand sanitizer or dishwashing liquid rich foam can effectively clean brushes, hair treatment essence oil or olive oil is in the process of cleaning, moisturizing and nourishing brush. Clean brushes also need to pay attention to the following: first, cleaning brush and the beauty makeup eggs, do not force or pressure, otherwise it will damage the bristles. Second, the brush doesn't have to soak in the detergent, foam is clean. Therefore, direct cleaning is good. Third, washing brush should not put it upside down, on the one hand to avoid brush fork deformity, on the other hand to avoid water into the pen, cause a brush hair, or pens and moldy. In the end, if not an emergency, it is best not to use hair dryer dry brush, but to make the brush natural drying.
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