How to choose loose paint? Each of the three materials

by:MHLAN     2020-09-29
We often use loose powder brushes to set our makeup in order to make the makeup more delicate and long-lasting. The loose powder brush can also be used to remove excess powder and make the makeup look even. Let's take a look at how to choose loose stucco. Each of the three materials has advantages.

How to choose loose paint
Mountain wool: The loose powder brush of the mountain wool has a strong ability to grasp powder, has a good touch, and has elasticity and durability. Basic late spring, summer, early autumn, when the temperature is relatively high, powder is also more realistic.

Gray squirrel hair: The hair is soft and has a good touch, which is a typical characteristic of squirrel hair. The loose powder brush of gray squirrel hair is more suitable for people with sensitive skin, and its ability to catch powder is slightly weaker, which is much more delicate than goat hair. And if the gray squirrel hair brush is not used for a long time, it must be cleaned and placed in a dry place, otherwise it is easy to be moth-eaten.

Artificial hair: Artificial hair does not need to worry about the bristles are very hard, the bristles will also be very rich. For powders, the hair color is good and thin, but the powder content is not good, and the ability to catch powder is slightly weaker.

Tips for choosing loose paint
1. If the loose powder brush is like a rabbit tail, it is mainly used for setting makeup on the face.

2. If the brush head of the loose powder brush is relatively flat, the bristles are hard, and the fan powder brush can be used to gently sweep the remaining powder on the face.

3. For loose powder brushes for general daily use, as long as soft and fluffy round head loose powder brushes are sufficient.

4. Applying loose powder with a loose powder brush tends to be lighter and more natural. If you want to create a zero-base makeup or apply liquid foundation, you can use a loose powder brush to apply loose powder. Because loose powder with puff will make the powder relatively thick and firm, if you have applied a thicker foundation cream before, it is recommended to use powder puff to loosen powder.

How to maintain loose powder
1. Some brands of professional brush cleaning agents, pour a few drops each time, rinse with cold water in the direction of the bristles for a while, and then lay it flat and dry;

2. If there is no professional cleaning agent, soak and clean the brush in warm water diluted with shampoo every two weeks, then rinse it with cold water, and put it in the shade and dry it after finishing the bristles;

3. If the loose powder brush is dirty, you can choose to use a conditioner to clean it. After washing it with water, dry the excess water a little, and then raise the loose part of the powder brush slightly and fix it in a cool and ventilated place. Too.

How to use loose paint
When using loose powder brush, you can gently pick up loose powder, filter out excess floating powder, and gently set makeup on face. Finally, brush away the excess powder on the face with a stroke from top to bottom. Especially when applying powder to the neck, shoulders, chest, back, etc., the use of loose powder brush is unmatched by other makeup tools. Remember not to poke the pointed part of the hair directly on the face when using it, but use the side of the brush to brush the hairy side and gently brush it on the face.
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