How to choose the base makeup tool? Dry skin suitable

by:MHLAN     2020-09-29

We do not have the skills of professional bloggers. As an ordinary white, how should I choose the makeup tool that suits me? Next, MHLAN will show you how to choose a makeup tool? Dry skin is suitable for brushes.

How to choose the base makeup tool
Generally speaking, there are three types of base makeup tools: brushes: flat-bottom brushes, flat-head brushes, etc.; sponges: triangle type, beauty eggs, etc.; hands: clean, dirty; others: air cushion puffs, velvet puffs, etc. Do you know that makeup tools and skin quality are also related?

1. Dry skin: Use a brush or hand.

Because the brush can retain the moisturizing and light feeling of the liquid foundation to the greatest extent, it will not absorb too much powder like a sponge. Therefore, for dry skin, the liquid foundation itself can be completely transmitted to the skin without discount. As for the makeup on the hand, the first is convenient and fast, and the second is that the human hand has a temperature, which can make the base makeup and the skin quickly merge in the shortest time, so that the makeup looks hydrated. By the way, the brush and fingers are not very powdery, so it can make more foundation on the face, and the concealing power of the same foundation using the brush will be higher than other tools. On the contrary, it is also easy to cause masks, so remember to make a small amount of times to achieve a natural makeup effect.

2. Oily skin: sponge.

First of all because of the texture characteristics of the sponge-there are many dense small holes. So it is easy to absorb the moisture of the foundation, and it can also absorb the oil on the skin. Use it for oily skin to ensure a dry, matte finish. But because it is easy to suck powder, the concealing power of the foundation with a sponge will not be too good. If you want to improve concealment and want to be thinner, you can use an air cushion puff. If you need high concealer in some places, you can use a brush together.

3. Mixed skin: combination of tools

The oil in the T zone of the mixed skin is not the same as the cheeks. You should choose the tool according to the oil level of the skin. For example, oil mixing, sponge in T zone, and brush in cheek.

The above recommendation is just to provide an idea for all kinds of skin. Everyone's skin quality is also very different, the regional climate is also very different, and each season's own skin condition will also be different. You can freely combine steps and product tools according to your own situation. Constantly adjust in each step to find products and techniques that really suit your skin type.

Basic steps of base makeup
The first step: sun protection

Sunscreen is generally taken as the last step of skin care and the first step of make-up. Squeeze out a dollar coin-sized sunscreen, apply it on the face, wait for a few minutes to form a film, and then follow up the makeup.

Step 2: Cream

The main effect of the cream is to adjust skin color, oil control, etc., you can choose toning cream or oil control cream according to your skin quality. Apply two soy-sized creams to the face and pat with a damp sponge.

Step 3: Liquid foundation

The third step of foundation makeup is also the most important step-liquid foundation. Choose the foundation liquid suitable for your skin tone/skin and apply it to the face. Use foundation brush/sponge to smudge the foundation liquid evenly.

Step Four: Concealer

If you have more facial blemishes, choose a concealer product that suits your skin type, apply it to the area you want to cover, and use the concealer brush to smudge the edges. Generally, the orange-colored concealer is suitable for covering dark circles, the light-colored concealer is used to brighten, and the dark skin concealer is used to cover acne.

Step Five: Makeup

The final step of base makeup is to set makeup. In order to make the base makeup more stable and lasting, it is essential to set makeup. Dip the loose powder or powder into the powder, sweep it on the face to set the makeup, or choose the set spray to be sprayed 10cm away from the face and let it dry naturally.

Why doesn't the base makeup rub the mud?
If you remove the problem of the base makeup product itself, it may be that you are preparing too much before makeup! Some girls are worried about their makeup, and they will apply this on their faces before makeup. The result is counterproductive. It is because there is not much absorbed on the face, and the makeup will become muddy even if it is light. As long as the normal makeup, you only need water emulsion and moisturizing products.

Misunderstanding 1: The whiter the foundation, the better

Many girls have misunderstood the role of the foundation. The whiter the foundation, the better it looks. Therefore, in the eyes of our Asians, one white cover three ugliness, choose a foundation that is whiter than your skin tone, it will make the makeup look very much. unnatural. The most important and most important role of foundation is to even out skin tone, make skin look more radiant, and double the color. Most Asians have a yellowish complexion, so foundation products that are white or deceived are generally not suitable for Asians, and they do not help adjust skin tone.

Myth two

I remember when I was in college, there was a spot selling skin care products downstairs in the bedroom. I went there to buy foundation and tried the foundation of all the colors of a certain brand with my back of my hand. Finally, I didn't try anything. Why is that? Therefore, the skin color and color tone of the back of the hand and the face are different. It is calculated that a foundation liquid that is completely suitable for the back of the hand is tried on the back of the hand, and may not be suitable for the face. Under normal circumstances, hands are whiter than face, in order to choose the foundation color number, it is easy to choose a whiter foundation.

Misunderstanding 3 Acne caused by foundation products

I often receive messages in the background asking whether liquid foundation has a higher risk of acne than BB cream and the like. There is no essential difference between BB cream and liquid foundation, but the texture is different and the formula is different. It does not mean that the liquid foundation must be heavier than BB cream. BB cream, liquid foundation, foundation cream, foundation cream and pressed powder are all the same type of products, but the texture and expression are different.

Misunderstanding four: concealer with foundation

This misunderstanding is mainly caused by not understanding the main role of the foundation. The main function of the foundation is to even out the skin tone. There will be a part of the foundation with concealer function. Without the concealer function, it does not mean that it is not a good foundation product.

Myth #5: Apply base makeup and ignore the neck

The correct choice of base makeup color number should be at the junction of the face and neck, because it is necessary to choose a base makeup color number that matches both the face and neck skin tone. Therefore, it is obviously wrong to apply base makeup to avoid the neck skillfully. The result of this is to make the face and neck have a very obvious color difference, just like wearing a mask.

Myth #6: Use the same makeup for the bottom

Personally, I recommend a skin test every 3 months to test skin quality and skin tone. Everyone's skin color and skin quality will change in different environments, different seasons, and different living conditions. Doing a test every quarter can adjust the color number and skin care products of the base makeup products you use for more skin and skin conditions.
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