How to choose the category of makeup brush?

by:MHLAN     2020-06-27
The choice of makeup brush category, today I will discuss with the makeup brush editor: 1. The foundation brush is roughly divided into tongue type, flat head and round head. The hair quality should be slightly hard and good elasticity. The bristles should be dense and dense at the same time. 2. Loose powder brush can make the makeup face clean and lasting. Swipe the entire face to set the entire face, or swipe the cheeks to set the makeup. The hair is loose and delicate. 3. The foundation of the foundation brush is more suitable and more translucent, apply it from the center of the face to both sides, pay attention to the nose, the corners of the eyes must be even, and the amount should not be too much in a single shot. 4. Dip cream and liquid products, be sure to diligently clean, not more than a week! Otherwise it will breed bacteria, the effect is not as good as before, if you are sensitive muscle, try to choose the brush of squirrel hair. 5. The amount of bristles must be sufficient. In addition to setting the makeup, you can also sweep the remaining powder to avoid the phenomenon of floral makeup; if you have oily skin, you can choose the wool texture, its oil resistance will be relatively good.
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