How to clean and wash the makeup brush?

by:MHLAN     2020-06-21
  How to clean and clean the makeup brush? If you don't care for a good brush, not only is it a pity but also a waste of money. Therefore, the cleaning and care of makeup brushes is also a very important lesson. Let me talk about brush cleaning first.    Cleaning    Some brushes do not need to be cleaned every time they are used up, such as shadow brushes and blush brushes, but like foundation brushes, eyeshadow brushes, and lip brushes, you need to clean them every time you use them.    Method one: Use a special cleaning agent for makeup brush    There are not many special makeup brush cleaners on the market now, just buy a bottle and you can easily solve it. There are two good makeup brush cleaners I use, and they all feel pretty good. I recommend them to you. One is Daiso cleaning agent, and the other is UKISS cleaning agent.    How to clean it?   You can use a basin or cup, or a commercially available cleaning pad to clean. If you use a pot or cup, you can immerse the brush in water, then pick it up, add a drop of water to the container, and a small amount of detergent, put the brush in and stir it twice, you can basically clean it. , And finally rinse it with clean water. .    If you are using a cleaning pad, first wet the brush, then pour some cleaning agent on the brush, and then rub the cleaning pad a few times in the direction of the bristles, you can wash it very clean.   If you have all tools, don't worry, your hands are good tools. This method of saving money and environmental protection is worthy of praise~    After the makeup brush is stained with detergent, put your fingers together, add some water, and then rub the makeup brush on the finger in the direction of the bristles. When it is almost clean, rinse it with water. It is very simple!    Method 2: Use a special cleaning box for makeup brushes   This is a new method that I discovered recently. I just bought a cleaning box and rubbed a few times on the sponge after using the makeup brush. It was OK to remove the powder. The water cost was saved, and it was really convenient for thieves.   Method three: use a special cleaning spray for makeup brush   In addition to the cleaning box mentioned above, there is another method that is also very convenient. That’s right, just use a makeup brush to clean the spray~ This method of use should not be said much.   A lot of cosmetics counters are sold, and they are also available online. Everyone buys them independently, so there is nothing more to say here. Generally, just dry it after cleaning, no need to clean with clean water.   Method 4: Clean with loose powder   Is it a bit weird? At the beginning, I also felt very magical. I could wash the brush with loose powder. After using the brush each time, spread a paper towel on the table, spread the loose powder on the paper towel, and then brush the makeup brush in the direction of the hair to remove the residual powder. It must be gentle until the brush can no longer be colored on a clean paper towel.   Care and maintenance of makeup brush    Makeup brushes are generally more expensive. After cleaning the makeup brush, use a clean towel or paper towel in the direction of the bristles to absorb excess water.    Then it can be placed on a drying rack to air dry. There are a lot of treasures on this kind of shelf, personally feel very practical and convenient.   If the bristles are loose, you might worry that the bristles will explode after they dry. You can put on the brush net and hang to dry.    can also use a small tool like a rubber band to fix the brush upside down on the railing, let it hang, and let it dry naturally.   Some brushes are not needed for a short time after drying, you can put on a brush net, or use Wuli girl's small hairpin to fix them to avoid the deformation of the bristles. Then just put it back in the brush tube or makeup brush bag.
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