How to clean eyeliner brush

by:MHLAN     2020-06-24
  Eyeliner brushes are available in several shapes. The thin, flat brushes (both flat and slightly rounded bristles can be used) are the favorite of many professional makeup artists. It can help you draw a precise eyeliner that is neither too thin nor too set. , Can be used for both wet and dry, upper and lower eyeliner can be used. So how do you clean your eyeliner after you use it? If you don’t wash the eyeliner for a long time, it’s not good to use. It should be cleaned with eye and lip makeup remover every time you use it. There are also special cleaning liquids at home. When you buy it, you must clean it up after use. It’s not that it must be washed the same as the new one. At least 8 layers of eyeliner must be cleaned. Otherwise, the life of the brush will be reduced. And if you don’t wash your hair temporarily, it will be hard to use anyway. The liquid was applied.    Eyeliner brush is divided into dry cleaning and wet cleaning, loose powder) brush with powder. Then brush on the paper towel. Sweep the color onto a paper towel. Use dry powder for dry cleaning (that is, make-up powder. Don't use violent wet cleaning to use detergent and shampoo and facial cleanser foam type. You can wash it gently. Because of the hygiene of the eyes~ generally only once a month~ Soak in cold water for 12 minutes, add shampoo or soap, press on the back of the hand along the lines of the bristles, then squeeze the stains along the hair, then wash the brush with running water, put it on a dry towel, and dry it if you wear makeup every day. .   The above is the knowledge about eyeliner brush that I have shared with you. I hope it will help everyone.
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