How to clean foundation brush? How often do foundation

by:MHLAN     2020-07-01
Foundation brushes are often used as foundation tools, so cleaning is essential, otherwise the skin will be affected, today mhlan will introduce to you, how to clean the foundation brush? How often is the foundation brush washed? How to clean foundation brush 1. Rinse the brush head with warm water: it is best to use a faucet to rinse, because the impact of water pressure will better take away the residue, especially pay attention to if you are using a bamboo handle brush, be careful not to get the bamboo handle part. Wet, foundation brushes of other materials should also be careful not to let water flow into the handle, otherwise it will easily cause damage. Keep the brush head tilted down when rinsing, and avoid using hot water with too high a temperature. 2. Add some baby shampoo: Add enough baby shampoo to the wet brush head to help you remove the foundation and makeup on the brush head. If you need to clean a concealer brush, eye shadow brush or other small brushes, you need to use a small amount of adult shampoo with greater detergency. Gently scrub on the small brush head until the entire brush head is full of foam, but you must avoid using force Of the twisted brush head, try not to let the shampoo touch the metal part of the handle. If you do not like to use baby shampoo, you can also choose professional makeup brush cleaner, such as MAC professional makeup brush cleaner. 3. Rinse until there is no foam: Make sure you rinse off all the foam on the brush head. Rinse the middle of the brush head as much as possible, not just to wash away the visible foam from the outside of the brush head. You can use your fingers to gently open the brush head, so that the faucet is cleaned in the middle of the brush head. 4. Absorb water with a dry towel: After the water from the brush head has almost flowed out, use a dry towel to absorb the remaining water. Be sure to use a towel carefully and gently to absorb water. Excessive force can easily deform the brush head. Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer to dry the brush head, but be careful not to split the brush head. 5. Put it on the towel overnight: as much as possible, put the water-draining makeup brush flat on a clean and dry towel overnight, and turn it over several times until the moisture is completely dry. How often to wash the foundation brush How often is the foundation brush washed? Generally speaking, the foundation brush can be washed once a week. Many people will wash it once, but for people who use foundation brushes for makeup every day, it hurts the foundation brush! So, for those who use the foundation brush frequently, people can choose to wash it once every 4-7 days. If you haven't used it for a long time, you have to wash it in advance! Recommended foundation brush Shiseido's 131 makeup brush is really a must-have for the primer. Its advantages are even, no powder marks, and it is very liquid-saving. I used to sneer at applying makeup to save liquid foundation. Anyway, I never run out of foundation. How about using more. So far after class, I have run out of a bottle of liquid foundation (see how hard I painted). The hair of 131 is very dense, and I feel very comfortable when I brush my face. I used the foundation brush of the same type as the foundation brush. It seems that the flat brush will be left idle for a while. The price is more than 100.
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