How to clean the eyebrow brush? Cleaning method

by:MHLAN     2020-06-30
In order to make the eyebrows more natural, I will use the eyebrow brush lightly, but the makeup tools are prone to breed bacteria, so how should I clean the eyebrow brush? How to clean eyebrow brush This type of brush holder is slender and has bristles that are mostly nylon. The brush head is small, so you need to wash it several times while washing. (1) Take appropriate amount of special cleaning agent to foam, and then put the brush in it. Be careful not to drip the cleaner directly on the brush. (2) Make the brush perpendicular to the palm, and wipe the bristles back and forth on the palm of the hand to make the bristles fully contact with the cleaning agent. Repeated several times, you can see that the residual color on the brush has been 'washed out'. (3) Rinse with clean water until bubbles disappear. Then absorb excess water with a towel, fully dry and put away. Cleaning method of eyebrow brush The first: soap soap bar Wet a piece of soap in clean water, rub your dirty blush brush and foundation brush on the soap, and press and rotate to clean the dirt. Then rinse the brush with warm water and blot it dry with a piece of paper towel. Tip: Do not let the brush stick get wet, otherwise the bristles of the brush may become loose and fall off. The second method: kitchen sponge plus detergent Kitchen sponge plus detergent Pour a little detergent onto the sponge, scrub the sponge several times with a brush, wash it with warm water, wipe off any remaining dirt with a clean towel or cotton cloth, and then lay the brush flat to dry. The third method: olive oil olive oil Because eye makeup and lip makeup are oily, and oil and oil are compatible, olive oil is very suitable for cleaning small eye and lip makeup brushes. In addition, olive oil has a softening maintenance effect on the mane. Method: Dip the bristle of the makeup brush with olive oil, and then press it on a sponge to wipe it. After a while, you will see the residual cosmetics in the brush clumping off.
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