How to clean the eyeshadow brush? How often should

by:MHLAN     2020-07-02
Eyeshadow brushes are tools that women often use, so they should be cleaned and decontaminated from time to time to ensure the cleanliness and health of the eyeshadow brushes. So how to clean the eyeshadow brush? How often do you wash the eyeshadow brush? How to clean the eyeshadow brush 1. Soak the eyeshadow brush with clean water and let it fully wet. Then take out the purchased special makeup brush cleanser, squeeze the cleanser into the eye shadow brush. 2. Use your fingers to gently press the eyeshadow brush, squeeze the makeup and dirt out of the eyeshadow brush, and then wash it. Repeat the pressing and washing steps until the makeup and dirt are completely removed. 3. Finally, rinse the eye shadow brush with detergent, dirt, etc., you can use a clean towel to dry the water in the eye shadow brush, and then put it flat on the towel and let it dry naturally and then put it away. How often to wash the eyeshadow brush The makeup brush needs to be dry cleaned every day after use to keep it clean. Note that foundation brushes and lip brushes are not suitable for daily dry cleaning. The so-called dry cleaning is generally done by using a makeup brush and dipping in an appropriate amount of makeup powder. General makeup brushes, such as blush brush, eye shadow brush, trimming brush, eyebrow brush, smoke brush, etc., can be used after 1 to 2 weeks and then washed. Generally, you can use professional scrubbing water or shampoo for cleaning. After washing, you should squeeze the water with paper or towels, and then dry the water. If you just bought a makeup brush, be sure to rinse it once before using it. Because of the hand-made reasons, the new makeup brush may have a small amount of hair that is not solid or the hair is not clear. You can clean these extra hairs by washing it a few more times. Pay attention to the movement when cleaning, and clean in the direction of the bristles. How to choose an eye shadow brush Large eyeshadow brush-used to apply eye shadow base color to the upper eyelid, which is convenient for sweeping eye shadow on a large area, and can also be used for neck makeup Medium Eyeshadow Brush-It is more suitable for meticulously modifying the eye area. It is mainly used in eye sockets, eyelids and nose makeup. It can also be used to brighten the brow bone Small eye shadow brush-the main purpose is to modify the outline of the face, use it to outline the lines of the small face, so as to create a perfect makeup effect Tapered eye shadow brush-suitable for applying eyeliner and eye shadow to deepen the eye shadow. It is more detailed than smudge brush and suitable for depicting eye shadow details. Flame Eyeshadow Brush-A loose flame brush, novices can even out a uniform and translucent eye makeup, and draw clean eye makeup, because its hair is flat, dense and tight, which is more suitable for small-scale sketching.
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