How to clean the lip brush?

by:MHLAN     2020-06-28
Lip brushes come in contact with lip gloss or lipstick. The pigments and oils contained in the lip brush make the lip brush hard. Therefore, after each use, you must first wipe off the residual lip gloss or lipstick on the lip brush with a paper towel. You will need to clean it with a special cleaner or a neutral cleaner after about two weeks. 1. Fully foam the special cleaner or neutral cleaner in the palm of your hand, then put the lip brush into the foaming cleaner. Be careful not to put the cleaner directly on the lip brush, as this will damage the bristles. 2. Stand the lip brush on the palm of your hand and wipe it back and forth repeatedly, so that all the bristles can fully contact the cleaning agent in the palm of your hand, and the foam will take away the pigments from the residual brush. Finally rinse the lip brush with clean water, remove excess water with a clean towel, put it on the clean towel and dry in the shade.
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