How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

by:MHLAN     2020-06-20
We apply makeup almost everyday, and whether it is a tedious makeup session for a glamorous party or just putting on your everyday makeup we always use makeup brushes to achieve a specific look. Whether it's a concealer brush, foundation brush or an eye liner brush, all of these brushes have to be cleaned regularly. Not doing so would increase your chances of breaking out, having blemishes and even skin disorders like heavy discoloration, allergies and rashes. Contaminated brushes may even lead to having a fever because bacteria have already entered your system so medication will already be needed. This means more money spent on things or services that could and should have been prevented by a simple cleaning method. Here are the steps on to how to clean your makeup brushes. Use a Special Cleaning Mixture While there are a lot of makeup brush cleaning solutions on the market today they are actually fairly expensive. Since some brushes require daily cleaning, so expenses on one item can gradually add up. However, there is another way of attaining a great cleaning solution without spending too much. All you need is a plate, dishwashing liquid (preferably antibacterial) and olive oil. No, were not going to make a potion or a poison, we are going to create a mixture that disinfects while maintaining the softness of the natural brushes. First, pour about two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid onto your plate, second add about one tablespoon of olive oil and using one of your used brushes mix them together. Disinfect your Brushes After creating the mixture get all dirty brushes you have because its time to clean and disinfect them. Dip your brush on the mixture and move back and forth like painting. Next, do the same strokes on a wet towel or wet paper towel until you see the dirt come off. This disinfects the brushes without making them tough and dry because of the olive oil. After doing this with all of the brushes, its time to rinse until all of the mixture is already removed from the brushes, pat dry with a paper towel. Dry 'em up It is a misconception that brushes should be left to dry upwards. Makeup brushes should be left to dry downwards. This is because there are still excess fluids on the brush where bacteria or what-not accumulate. Remember this: bacteria love moisture. So make sure to dry them downwards and let gravity help you get rid of excess water. Storage Ideas After finishing cleaning your brushes and drying them for a few hours you also need to store them safely. It's best if you could wrap each brush with a cloth or plastic covering and keep them stored downward to avoid catching dust and dirt. It will also help to keep them out of the heat, in short store them in a cool dry place.
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