How to distinguish the quality of makeup brushes?

by:MHLAN     2020-06-22
How to distinguish the quality of make-up brushes? Small vendors of make-up brushes are all over Nebula. There are physical stores where you can buy make-up supplies and make-up brushes. The quality is also indistinguishable to the naked eye. If you accidentally buy inferior make-up Brushing the product will cause damage to the skin. Therefore, how to identify good or bad when buying a makeup brush has become a big problem in the minds of many people. The following editor will explain to you how to choose when you buy a makeup brush. Makeup brush   The most important part of a makeup brush is the part of the bristles. Therefore, the core of a set of makeup brushes is the bristles. The bristles are good. Generally, makeup brushes are better. How to distinguish the quality of makeup brushes? Start from the following aspects:    1. Affinity and usage rate of cosmetics when makeup brushes are put on When applying makeup, make-up brushes can attract cosmetics to the make-up brush very well, and when applying makeup to the face, make-up can adhere to the skin very well, and the higher the usage rate, the better . And the top is that the makeup is smooth and without stripes.    2. Easy cleaning of makeup brush   Easy to clean the makeup brush is very important, after the makeup brush is used, it is easier to clean and maintain. If the makeup brush is too difficult to clean, it is recommended to buy it carefully. If the makeup brush is not cleaned frequently, it may cause bacteria to breed and other reactions.    3. Hair quality of makeup brush   The hair quality of the makeup brush is the soul of the makeup brush, and the quality of the hair quality is one of the aspects to judge the quality of the makeup brush. The classification of makeup bristles is divided into chemical fibers and animal hair. But no matter what kind, the quality of the hair is mainly judged from the aspects of elasticity, softness, skin affinity and whether there is damage to the skin.
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