How to judge the quality of makeup brushes?

by:MHLAN     2020-06-26
There are many types of makeup brushes, including animal hair and fiber, each of which has its own grade, and the standard of makeup brushes for different parts is also different. Generally speaking, except for specific brushes that can only use fiber, other The animal hair is definitely better. To judge whether the animal hair is good or bad, use the common powder brush to say:    1. Look at the powder holding power. A good brush has a strong powder holding power.    2. Look at the brisk brush on the face. A good brush is very comfortable on the face and will not tingle.    3. Softness, hit the palm with a brush, the tip of the brush will not be scattered around, but the middle is curved, the tip is on the palm of your hand. Such a brush is very good. The characteristics of animal hair, generally better paint is wool, wool will have some smell. And this odor is difficult to remove completely. Identify the animal hair can be smelled first, there is no odor at all, then be careful.
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