How to use blusher brush? Blush brush usage steps

by:MHLAN     2020-09-29

Many people do not have any complexion on their faces. At this time, the effect of blush comes out. It can make your face more rosy. This face is full of vitality. Let’s take a look at how to use the blush brush.

How to use blusher brush
Figure 1 Elegant lady: Rose blush can give people a graceful and elegant feeling, and with the 'U' shape blush painting method, making the cheeks reveal a light rose color, it is very suitable for returning home to see elders during the holiday .

Figure 2 Workplace OL: Use a slightly dark red blush, apply from the highest point of the cheekbones to the nose, and then use the brush with the remaining blush powder, from the cheekbones to the ears, gently brush upwards to make the halo The effect of over-staining can reflect the feeling of confidence and stability!

A must-have for a photo party: To participate in some fashion parties or to make some high-end private parties do not want to lack gas, choose orange blush and a larger foundation. Brush from the cheekbones in the direction of the temple, and then brush back from the ears to the cheekbones. Finally, from the cheekbones, brush down vertically along the direction of the masseter muscle to create a shadow effect and make the makeup more three-dimensional.

Innocent and playful: Use an orange-red blush and brush from the middle of the cheekbones toward the ear. Then use the blush brush to re-blush the blush, and increase the blush of the blush on the sides of the nose, making the entire makeup effect more obvious, giving a hangover and innocent feeling.

Sweet and cute: If you want to create a sweet blush, pink blush products are the best. Take the blush cream with your fingers and push it away in a round way at the highest position of the cheekbones. Then use the ring finger to make a tapping action on the edge of the blush to make the blush more snug and natural.

Notes on using a blush brush
Remember to wear a blush and look small! The narrower the blush area, the thinner it becomes! Start from the apple muscle and sweep obliquely, but it should be noted that the area is not too large. Blush will stretch your face and help you create a heart-shaped face.

Choosing a color is a technical task: before picking a blush, check the color on the back of your hand. Don’t choose the color if you like. You must try it first, otherwise you will be too late to regret it.

Use blush to improve edema face: edema face must use blush to modify the face shape, drawing triangle blush behind cheekbone can show small face. This swipe can get rid of the swollen face!

If the round face wants to pretend to be mature: the round face sister paper wants a charming makeup, use a large blush brush to start from below the cheekbones and hit the temple position to make a diagonal blush. The makeup that comes out in this way will be mature and elegant.

Key points for using blush brush
Point 1: Combine the shape of the face with the contrast of light and dark to make the face more three-dimensional. The lack of light and shadow coloring method will make the face more flat. The facial features are not three-dimensional. Oriental women need to pay special attention to this principle. Be sure to use blush and grooming. Create the three-dimensionality of the face.

Point 2: Make good use of two-color blush to create the most natural makeup. Monochrome blush can create a complexion, but it is more rigid and rigid. If it can be matched with different blush colors, not only the makeup can be natural. The color sense, blush can also be more vivid.

Point 3: The best matching tool for upper blush is a fan-shaped brush. Because the fan-shaped brush will show a rounded arc due to the force when brushing, and this arc is the most beautiful blush arc, so it is when applying blush The best auxiliary tool.

Point 4: In order to prevent excessive starting, it is best to apply the most terrifying blush on the back of the hand in advance, that is, the makeup of the red and big color block like a Taiwanese opera actor. This kind of excessive consumption is a mistake for many beginners. The most common offense, if you can't handle the amount of powder properly, you may wish to hit it on the back of your hand first, just in case.

What is the texture of blush
The texture of the blush:

Liquid blush/cream blush:

Advantages: good control, high color rendering

Disadvantages: time-consuming and laborious, not easy to apply on a large area, the dividing line is a little obvious, you need to push a few more times to completely smudge

Usage: Just use your fingers, apply a small amount on the position where you want to draw blush, and apply it before loose powder!

Powder blush:

Advantages: A good complexion can be seen at a glance, it is easy to spread, it is easy to spread in the place to be painted, it is natural

Disadvantages: Flying powder, low color rendering, poor control of volume, easy monkey buttocks.
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