How to use concealer brush? So that there will

by:MHLAN     2020-09-28

Many people do not know how to use makeup brushes. Generally, there is the problem of taking powder and there will be brush marks when using it. In fact, you have not mastered the method of use. Let's take a look at the usage of concealer brush.

How to use concealer brush
The first step: before makeup + sunscreen + liquid foundation.

You can do it in a customary way, there is no special way. This time I used the citta liquid foundation, which is very casual, because I originally only wanted to take concealer steps, and I didn’t have to apply full makeup XDb

Step 2: Take out the concealer brush and apply a little concealer.

Do not use too much, just dip it twice, probably as shown in the figure above, the tip of the concealer brush is slightly moistened. If you don’t have enough, you can apply it again, but don’t apply too much

Step 3: Cover the acne completely with a concealer brush.

With the center of the acne as a center, draw a circle that is 1.5 to 2 times larger than the acne itself. Concealer should be applied in this range. Be careful not to apply too much concealer, as long as the color is covered, you can stop. A small number of times is a very important secret of this step ~

The fourth step: smudge the concealer around the acne.

First clean the remaining concealer on the concealer brush (you can wipe it on the facial tissue until there is no color). Then, be careful not to move the concealer covering the acne and put the concealer on the surrounding skin The cream is pushed away and blends into the complexion. This step is a little more difficult. Be patient + practice a few times.

Step 5: Make up with powder.

Dip a lot of powder into the powder puff, rub it evenly, and then gently pounce on the face. Gentleness is an important point ~ don't push too hard, it will push the concealer away.

Sixth step: powder compaction.

First, use your fingers to dip the powder, and don’t use too much. Probably use your finger to gently press the powder back and forth for 1 to 2 times. Then use your fingers to lightly tap the powder on top of the acne. As in the previous step, the movement in this step should also be very gentle, otherwise it will make the acne covered easily appear again. After pressing the powder, the acne concealer is finished~! 

How to use concealer brush? So that there will be no brush marks evenly

Dark Circle Concealer
Dark circles are really a headache. Although I have talked about the problems of dark circles in more detail before, in fact, Molly is also very hurt. After all, removing dark circles needs to be adjusted from various aspects such as work and rest, eye habits, etc. It is really not so easy to dilute or eradicate. What should I do if I can't remove it in a short time? Can only use concealer, and must be used! Dark circles really affect the complexion, so Molly will never omit the step of covering dark circles when he goes out! Because there is more than a little difference in color before and after use.

Step1: Choose the right color

If the dark circles are lighter, choose a flesh-colored concealer that is slightly darker than your skin tone. The color of dark circles is more serious, with a small amount of orange concealer for the purple and purple parts, and purple concealer for the yellowish brown parts.

Step2: Apply the appropriate area

This is really important to talk about. When Molly was still a little white, she didn't know much about concealer, so she just applied a long strip of concealer to her lower eyelids. As a result, the concealer effect was always weird every time. Sometimes she even covered a big eye bag.

The correct method should be to draw an inverted triangle shape under the eyes, so that the transition is more natural. Remember, remember!

Step3: Apply the correct method

Smearing techniques are also crucial. As long as you remember one thing, use the film, not the paint! Gently pat with your ring finger until the shot is even. Do not apply it. On the one hand, the concealer effect is not good, and then it is easy to tear the skin under your eyes.

Step4: Small area concealer

If you go out in a panic, then the third step is basically enough. For a more detailed concealer, you can use a small area of ??light flesh-colored concealer to press on the center of the concealed area, and then pat with your ring finger until the pat is even. Do not apply.

How to use concealer brush? So that there will be no brush marks evenly

Acne marks concealer
Step1: Use a brush to dip a concealer that is slightly darker than the skin tone, because acne is a bump on the face, and the darker color has the effect of contraction.

Step2: Brush away from the edges of the acne, smooth from the outside to the inside, pay attention to the natural transition of the skin color around; use the clap technique to avoid pushing.

How to use concealer brush? So that there will be no brush marks evenly

Dull lips
Step1: Before applying lipstick, apply lip concealer to different areas of lips.

Step2: Use a brush or hand to smear the concealer and areola. It should be noted that if you use lip concealer, your lips will become easy to dry, so you must fully moisturize your lips before concealing, don't dry it and dry it!

Step3: On the basis of concealing lips, you can modify the shape of your lips according to your needs~

Concealer steps
1. First reconcile the dark concealer and the light concealer. Dip a small amount of the concealer with a small comb and gently apply it on the flawed area. Then use the temperature of your fingertips to spread the concealer gently, so that the concealer will not be thick.

2. Use the powder to lightly brush the concealed area, and use the delicate silver pearl to give the skin a luster and improve the transparency. Let the concealed area be less heavy and more light.

3. After concealing, pat the entire face with powder, this step is to even out the complexion of the whole face. It will not make the concealer and other places have color difference, forming an unnatural feeling.

4. Finally, to add luster and transparency, use a highlighter, tap your finger on the part that reflects light, such as the cheekbones and the side of the eye-the temple part, you are done!
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