How to use eye shadow brush? How to use eye shadow brush

by:MHLAN     2020-07-02
Eye shadow brush is a common tool for women's makeup. Proper use of eye shadow brush can make eyes more attractive. Perfect makeup starts with learning to use eye shadow brush. So how to use eye shadow brush? How to use eye shadow brush 1. Eye socket: refers to the concave part where the eyeball is located. The eye socket has a large area and requires a flat or oblique flat brush with thick bristles. The texture is harder and it is used to cast shadows in the concave position to make the outline more clear. 2. Eyeshadow: Select a large eye shadow brush to gently brush the entire eyelid, and a small eye shadow brush to delineate the delicate part of the eye. 3. Eye shadow: Because the eye shadow is only for eye makeup, the color of the eye shadow should not be too thick, and the bristles should choose a soft light brush with a large application range or a small blush brush. 4. Eye shadow and eyeliner: The eye shadow, eyeliner and eyeliner can be selected with a small sharp makeup brush, which can make the eyeliner thick and detailed, and apply it more accurately to the position of the eye head. 5. Eyebrow peak position: You can choose a makeup brush that is one size larger than the eye shadow brush. When sweeping the eyebrow peak, different face shapes and eyebrow peak positions are different. The eyebrow peak of the standard melon seed face is facing the pupil. The eyebrows of the square face are raised, and the face of the eyebrow is drawn in the middle, and the face shape will not appear square; 6. Take appropriate amount of powder makeup with the bristles, adjust the density on the back of the hand, and then brush on the eyes. Avoid applying too much force, gently apply the brush to the eyes, so that the powder makeup will naturally fall on the skin. How to use eye shadow brush The usage of eye shadow brush is generally speaking, for daily makeup, you need three eye shadow brushes. A larger eye shadow brush, which can also be called an eyelid brush, can be used as a base color; a medium eye shadow brush to highlight the eye socket part of the brow bone; a tapered brush is also very important if You plan to use at least two colors of eye shadow, it can smudge your eye shadow so that it does not look like a transition line, it will make your eye makeup very natural. And it can also replace the big eyeshadow brush to make the base color. When you have finished applying all the eyeshadows, use this brush to mix the eyeshadows. After you apply the concealer, apply the powder to the covered area to make the highlights. Treatment, it is an essential brush for eye makeup. If you use smoky makeup and use blue and green eyeshadow, you also need to buy a small eyeshadow brush, the name should be called smudged eyeshadow brush, and the shape of the brush head should be a small cone shape to help you complete a more delicate Makeup. Round-head eye shadow brushes are generally divided into large, medium and small sizes. The large eye shadow brush is mainly used to apply the base color of the eye shadow to the upper eyelid, and then sweep the eye shadow on a large area. At the same time, the large-scale eyeshadow brush is also suitable for face and neck makeup; the medium-sized eyeshadow brush finely modifies the eyes, used in eye sockets, eyelids, nose makeup, brow bone brightening; the small-sized eyeshadow brush is used to modify The contour of the face outlines the lines of small faces to create a perfect makeup effect. At the same time, the small eye shadow brush is also suitable for certain details of eye shadow, such as eyeliner root eyeliner drawing, accent color of lower eyelid. How to clean the eye shadow brush 1. First soak in a neutral detergent solution (the most economical one is probably to use baby shower gel), and gently press the hand to clean the bristles. 2. Rinse with clean water, also gently press with your fingers, and then lightly press the bristles with a soft dry towel to suck out the water (do not force it) 3. When drying, the brush head is down (hanged up) or placed on a ventilated and breathable mesh to dry in the shade (this is particularly important for large brush heads such as loose powder and rouge), if the brush head is dried up Will make the bristles spread out, affecting the use. 4. Normal maintenance attention: the brush is best not to be greedy (the brush head is upward) inserted in the pen holder like a pencil. The reason is the same as the drying, which is easy to cause deformation. Exposure to the air will also make the brush head The metal hoop is oxidized, which affects the appearance. It is better to put it back in the protective cover of the cover sweep. You can usually use dry powder for makeup to 'dry-clean' the brush head, which can also prevent color migration.
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