How to use foundation brush? How to use foundation brush

by:MHLAN     2020-07-01
The foundation brush is an artifact to create a perfect base makeup, which can easily complete the makeup and make the makeup look particularly natural. Today MHLAN will introduce to you, how to use the foundation brush? What is the use method of the foundation brush? How to use foundation brush STEP1: Dip an appropriate amount of liquid foundation and adjust the dosage on the back of the hand. STEP2: Apply liquid foundation in the T zone, under the eyes, and under the chin to keep the bristles perpendicular to the skin. STEP3: Apply from the center of the face outwards, and slide the base makeup brush. STEP4: The eye area with easy to remove makeup, the nostrils with obvious pores, use point pressure to fix makeup. STEP5: Finally, sweep the contour area of ??the face to keep the makeup effect even. Advantages and disadvantages of foundation brush Advantages: Foundation brush can create a natural makeup effect. In use, the brush can be evenly spread along the texture of the skin from inside to outside. Does not overabsorb foundation, so it does not cause waste. Disadvantages: Not suitable for skin with many flaws. Due to the defective parts, it is necessary to cover the spot with a partial focus. At the same time, some fiber bristle products may cause skin sensitivity in some people. Features of foundation brush Feature 1: Strong powder grasping ability, spread evenly on the face, and will not waste foundation at all. Feature 2: The brush head is obliquely flat, and the nose and other small places can be easily taken into account. Feature 3: Suitable for all foundations such as powder, liquid, cream and solid emulsified.
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