How to use foundation brushes and how to use different

by:MHLAN     2020-09-29
The most important thing in the entire makeup is the bottom makeup, so the most worthwhile investment is also the foundation brush! So what is the difference between different types of foundation brushes? How to use foundation brush?

In order to create a delicate makeup, in addition to makeup skills, there are some tools that can give strength. Makeup tools, first of all have to withstand the impact of foundation, after all, the most important makeup is in the entire makeup, so the most worthy of nature is the foundation brush! The foundation brush will apply makeup faster than other foundation tools, and the details will be relatively better. But the skin condition is very bad, if it is dry to burst, it is not suitable for foundation brush!

Foundation brushes are usually made of artificial fiber hair. Because most of the foundation is moisture and grease, makeup brushes can resist moisture and grease, and it can withstand washing, while artificial hair will be more durable. However, since the bristles will be tighter and denser and have a slightly harder touch, do not apply too much force to avoid skin sensitivity!

The types of foundation brushes can be roughly divided into four types: flat, flat, round, and oblique. Of course, there are also subdivided heads, oblique heads, and irregular brush heads.

Use different types of foundation to brush the flat head: suitable for matching thin foundations, such as liquid foundation, gouache, etc. When using liquid foundation, place the root on the back of your hand and dip it on the bottom of your face. Apply on the face sequentially from the inside to the outside. The brush should be installed and used on fine parts such as the nose.

Round head: suitable for matching with thick foundation, such as foundation, powder paste, BB, etc. Dip the foundation with a powder brush and apply it to the skin like a small circle. Avoid the T position. After finishing, you should avoid the cheeks and just apply the powder on the center of the face, such as the forehead and nose. Be careful not to draw circles to apply these positions, so that you can achieve a natural makeup effect.

Flat head: suitable for thick paint texture, such as foundation cream, BB. Dip a small amount of the base liquid with a brush and spread it outwards from the middle of the surface. If there is a special need for concealer, it can be selected as the first point of the brush. Then, move horizontally from the middle of the surface to the outside until the base liquid is evenly applied. What if the technique is correct or there are slight brush marks? After the foundation is completed, rub the hot hand and gently press the face, you can use the facial skin or sponge to push the foundation faster, so that the skin is merged, which can effectively solve the brush marks. There is no way to solve this problem. This may be a problem with the brush itself, or it may not match the foundation. It can only change the foundation or change the brush.
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