How to use makeup brushes with good results? How

by:MHLAN     2020-07-02
Makeup brushes have always been a professional makeup tool for professionals. There are many types and prices are not low. I don’t know how to get started, but I have to say that makeup brushes are still very effective. You can paint more and more thickly without your knowledge. When you finish the makeup as expected, you can easily solve this problem for you. So let's talk about how to use makeup brushes? How to maintain the makeup brush? What are the necessary makeup brushes Loose powder brush, can also be used as blush brush and volume brush Features: Many bristles and fluffy make the powder even. Manipulation: The method of brushing the blush starts from the top of the cheekbones and hits the apple muscles of both cheeks diagonally. If you want a cute one, you can use a round brush; if you want a little personality, just brush the long blush at a higher position. The highlight position is the T zone, the upper eyebrows and cheekbones, the middle and the chin. The shadow position is mainly on the sides of the nose, the hairline on both sides to the mandible, please pay attention to the shadows not too heavy, otherwise it will appear makeup Very dirty. Foundation brush, can also be used as a brush Features: the brush head is hard Manipulation: Take a small amount of liquid foundation with a foundation brush, cross the face, and then gently brush it repeatedly with a straight line. If you want to save more liquid foundation, spray the brush with water (wet but not dripping) before dipping, so that the brush will absorb less liquid foundation. Eyeshadow brushes are divided into three types: large, medium and small. Large eyeshadow brushes are mainly used for eye primer, eye make eye shadow transition natural. Medium eye shadow brush for coloring eyeshadows. Small make-up brush for eye contouring. Technique: Start from the middle of the eye socket and transition to both sides. There are many sizes of eye shadow brushes, but the most important are these three. Lip brush Features: the brush head is hard Method: Use a lip brush to pick up lipstick, and then apply evenly from the lower lip to create a perfect lip color. Then clean the lip brush, apply lip gloss, and gently apply on the lips to create crystal lips. Super practical makeup brush usage guide How to use makeup brush Have you ever noticed that when you put on makeup, it becomes thicker and thicker, and you can't finish your makeup as expected? (The whole thing is too heavy to start!) If you use makeup brushes at this time, you can easily solve this trouble! Flat eye shadow brush Take a small amount of eyeshadow with a flat-headed eyeshadow brush, and gradually fade away from the root of the eyelashes. Pay attention to the even transition of the layers. It is appropriate to start with a lighter training. (The flat and thin brush head of selected animal hair can slowly release the eyeshadow powder to make the makeup natural and clear and even transition) Eye shadow brush The core design is to use the tip of the brush to depict details similar to the eyeliner, use the side to sweep the area and contour, and position accurately at the corner of the eye or the end of the eye to keep the makeup deep and clean. Positioning blush brush Smile, use a round-headed blush brush to sweep away the blush from the highest point of the smiling face in a circle, forming a cute and youthful blush effect. Pay attention to the blush and the eyes, nose, and lip corners to maintain a certain Void. (Selected pony hair is the best powder makeup material, which absorbs and releases the color most thoroughly, making makeup easy and rich) Positioning blush brush Smile, use a round-headed blush brush to sweep the blush from the highest point of the smiling face in a circle, and form a cute and youthful blush effect. Pay attention to the blush and the eyes, nose, and lip corners. Void. (Selected pony hair is the best powder makeup material, which absorbs and releases the color most thoroughly, making makeup easy and rich) Gentle powder brush You can apply a small amount of powder on the face after the foundation or before finishing the makeup. It is used to set makeup or remove oily gloss to keep the makeup fresh. It can also be used to brush blush or contour shadows, but do not use it alternately without cleaning in one makeup. (Pony hair can bring a warm makeup experience and even makeup effect.) Precision contour brush Gently bite your lips and sweep the shadow in the depression below the cheekbones. You can also sweep the dark blush here to form a three-dimensional and powerful facial structure. You can also use the oblique sweep to sweep the shadow under the cheek and chin. To shrink the face, you must make a firm face. Avoid excessive color! (The pony hair sweeps obliquely, and the flexible and fit angle allows you to have a more perfect outline.) Clear Lip Brush Applying lipstick or lip gloss to clean lips, you can get a fuller lip makeup effect than using lipstick or lip gloss directly. You can also use the edge of the lip brush to outline the perfect lip shape and get a bright and rich lip color. (Flexible and comfortable selection of nylon is the best material choice for lip brushes. It is one millimeter wider than ordinary lip brushes, which can save makeup time and increase the uniform effect of lipstick.) Flexible eyebrow brush It can be used to depict natural and smart eyebrows. Dip a little brow powder on the brow and sweep gently to get a soft brow effect, but the tail of the brow can be slightly heavier and the lines clear, so that the entire eyebrow changes more vividly, and the soft details of the eyebrow scan painting details are also very convenient for removing makeup. (Because the eyebrows need a certain clear effect, the eyebrow brush made of nylon material is very suitable.) Perfect concealer brush Whether it is dark circles or acne marks, with it you can no longer worry about dark circles and various blemishes. Gently, very accurate and clear. (Concealer pen made of nylon material is positioned accurately, with full flexibility and elasticity.) How to maintain the makeup brush Although the price of the brush is not easy to start, if you maintain it in the correct way, you can use it for a long time, and it will not become a burden in the long run! It is about once a month for maintenance. Of course, after using it every day, wipe off the remaining powder with a paper towel. Brush maintenance method Put warm water in the wash basin and add shampoo to dissolve, then put it in the brush and gently rub and rinse it, it is very simple! After that, use a towel to absorb the moisture of the brush and dry the bristles to dry naturally. Most of the face can be used when applying makeup, so use different makeup brushes for each part to distinguish it! Rather than using a hand or a small stick to apply makeup with a brush, it will make the makeup look clean? In addition, makeup brushes are sold as a whole set, so if you buy it from the beginning, you can experience a completely different atmosphere from the previous makeup?
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