How to wash makeup brush? What are the precautions for cleaning makeup brush? | make up brush - knowledge Dongguan MHLAN cosmetic appliance co. , LTD

by:MHLAN     2020-09-30
Makeup brush is we used to change the makeup tools, daily use makeup brush to clean on a regular basis, in case the breeding ground for bacteria. May not some people don't know about makeup brush cleaning without harm, but invisible harm is hidden on the makeup brush, but we have not found. How to wash makeup brush? Cleaning brushes the matters needing attention of small make up this to tell you! Clean brushes the matters needing attention of makeup brush cleaning is mainly divided into two ways, one is powder, one kind is washed. Here introduce the precautions, respectively. The material of makeup brush into animal hair and synthetic fibers. The animal's daily can be applied to powder. Such as powder paint, cheek is red paint, eye shadow to paint. If want to change color temporarily, with dry powder powder wash directly, will brush to remove the color of opaque. And synthetic fiber is not worry too much, such as powder brush, eyeliner brush, etc. Can be washed.
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