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by:MHLAN     2020-09-29
For the first time use cleaning again if off when washing the hair, or other damage can also be timely communication with the merchants returns a replacement. Clean makeup brush: 1, daily maintenance: after using, sweet stucco visually identify: good cosmetics should bright color, elegant is downy. If found the color dark dirty, shades, then there is something wrong with the quality. If the appearance of turbidity, oil/water separation or floc, paste drying shrinkage crack, cannot use. More than paint in the last part of the colour makeup is used to remove more than dust and debris, can also be under the eyes, blocking out parts, to prevent eye shadow powder drops to the face and affect the makeup look. Along the surface of paper, wipe excess cosmetics. 2, regular maintenance: once a week, will brush dipped in diluted warm soapy water, along the hair wash, and then rinse with cold water. With a paper towel dry brush gently. When completed, will brush 3 d face in an instant. Makeup honey honey paint painting than powder puff effect more natural soft, sweet stucco 4, nose two side pore is bulky cheek area, can use a flat brush again fill in the form of dab press, to achieve the effect of pile foundation. 5,NG:30° Remember, if the Angle is too big or too small, flat brush and skin are easy to form a brush mark on the face. The second foundation brush type is flat round brush bristles and is characterized by more thicker, tail cut flat. To paint more evenly pressed, do calm makeup make colour makeup is more harmonious. Should be paid attention to when choosing sweet stucco high-quality natural pure wool brush, wool quantity thick plump for beautiful, pure manual wool sweet stucco excellent tactility and strong grasp the powder, the shortest time make easily delicate makeup look. Fine makeup concealer brush this brush is applicable to skin fine fan, and the hair curly is man-made fibers. About the makeup brush is better? How to judge makeup brush? Sweet stucco and by design, tongue brush type is more suitable for makeup to help others, such as professional makeup girl is often used, new sister or and she say 'goodbye'. Flat brush, also known as flat brush, is my favorite and most recommend buying on the bottom makeup brush. Because it is in contact with the skin area is large, will soon be good bottom makeup. Content is introduced here, we might as well in the process of using a makeup brush carefully observe the change of the cosmetic brush, to prevent the next time when use or buy prescient. Have good cosmetic brush product advice can contact the customer feedback, we will continue to improve the product. How used the makeup brush cleaning,
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