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by:MHLAN     2020-10-01
Describe the beauty of the ancient time, compare the classic is '' teeth, it almost became the key words of the women dignified and easy, many people don't understand why, teeth are the sable cicada, xi shi, wang zhaojun and zhao swallow one by one all dare not laugh? Ancient without teeth cleaning tools such as toothpaste, toothbrush, a mouth yellow teeth, may also have bad breath, tube you what four big beautiful women, also can only '' teeth, out of sight to Harbin. What missish, inside collect. 。 。 That women are ancient bondage of props. A lot of people with a thick layer of yellow teeth stains. There is a pain: plug tooth! No matter what kind of toothpicks, will leave food residue, can lead to bleeding gums, sore for a long time, slowly loose teeth, inflammation, residue had spoiled what happens? Bad breath. 。 。 Seriously affect your image! Good thing recommended today small make up recommend everyone toothbrush, it really have 10000 micron grade super soft wool, is ten times more than ordinary toothbrush, thin the naked eye can't see, can clean the dental plaque and tartar very well, let many teeth whitening essence. Silky soft, more to protect the enamel, fuzz penetration into teeth, cleaning teeth, to make the oral health, also won't have bad breath, the threat of violence than toothpick abrasive, it does not hurt the teeth, cleaning is more clean. Small make up: use 2 months beginning 2 days not accustomed to, feels very soft no friction on the tooth MAO, than ordinary tooth brush to brush the enjoyable. But use to 4 days is very comfortable to feel when brushing your teeth, teeth, soft but very dense, MAO can brush teeth every place to and will not damage the teeth, than ordinary toothbrush to use a lot. What is the difference between 10000 toothbrush and ordinary toothbrush? Efficient removal of stubborn tartar very well, to prevent bad breath! Ordinary toothbrush is very difficult to deep clean the teeth and mouth, moemi thousands of brush head, encounter any items, will present the wave tolerant attitude, without any sharp and intense friction pain, teeth and mouth feel more comfortable, residue and long-term retention of bacteria had been clouds rolled up, all fuck off! Micron grade brush through friction, gets to slowly fade out and disappeared, and teeth whitening essence, grinned, a little difficult! Protect the health of gums and teeth teeth remaining 2 is to blame for bad breath and toothache, toothpicks with more people, loose teeth and tooth is often the thing, tender gums uptick sharp toothpick fierce tong succussion? Ordinary toothbrush violently in the process of brushing your teeth, tooth enamel will have on the surface of the damage. Moemi brush head, 80 microns brush as silky soft and clean the enamel layer, but won't destroy the enamel, make teeth strong. To zero stimulation, zero damage gums, prevent inflammation, bleeding gums. 3 suitable for what use? For young and old have moemi toothbrush, brush your teeth into a more comfortable enjoy, say goodbye to the toothache, yellow teeth and bad breath!
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