Teach you to use the eyebrow brush to draw eyebrows

by:MHLAN     2020-06-29
Eyebrows are really important. Eyebrows actually reflect a lot of your expressions, but you can outline your own eyes. Painting eyebrows really requires more painting to learn, so today mhlan will teach you how to paint eyebrows and practice more at home. Thrush tool I used a brow brush together. I am using an eyebrow brush included in my eyebrow powder. In the selection of eyebrow brushes, I suggest choosing a brush with denser bristles and a certain hardness, which is better for coloring and easy to outline the eyebrow shape. Thrush steps 1. Outline the eyebrow to eyebrow peak. 2. Start at the position corresponding to the eyebrow peak at the lower edge of the eyebrows and pull down to outline the line at the lower edge of the eyebrow tail. 3. Starting from the eyebrow peak, connect to the end of the eyebrow just drawn. At this point, the entire eyebrow shape is roughly outlined. 4. Fill the gaps between the eyebrows, the rule is that the color gradually becomes lighter from the end of the eyebrow to the eyebrow. 5. Dye your brows to make the color transition of the brows more natural. I usually smudge my brows with my fingers. 6. If there is any dissatisfaction with the eyebrow shape, you can use concealer to adjust. The entire eyebrow makeup is completed. Thrush key Eyebrow trimming is very important. If you are a novice, you won’t be able to trim your eyebrows. I suggest that you go to the counter and ask your sister to help repair it. I remember that you can fix one eyebrow around 10-20 RMB. A better method for eyebrow trimming is to first draw the eyebrow shape you want, and then adjust the edge of the eyebrows, so that there is a range for eyebrow trimming, which is more suitable for home trimming. The most important thing about eyebrow painting is to practice more, practice makes perfect, and I feel more and more when I draw. When I first started to draw eyebrows, I often transformed myself into the same as Crayon Shin-chan. I really started to draw a good eyebrow. Six months after starting makeup, I really need a lot of practice. My method is for your reference only. A lot of practice is king!
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