The history of makeup brushes

by:MHLAN     2020-09-29
It is human nature to love beauty. As early as primitive times, humans began to decorate themselves with some special things to make themselves more beautiful. Archaeologists have found beautiful beads made of small stones, shells or animal teeth on the ruins of primitive humans for decoration; traces of beauty and makeup have been found on cave paintings. Knowing some things from the past may be good for your life!

It is said that the wind of thrush originated in the Warring States period. Before there was a specific thrush material, women burnt willow branches and painted them on their eyebrows. The materials used by ancient women's thrushes have changed with the development of the times.

According to the records, the earliest material for thrush is Dai, which is a kind of black mineral, also called 'Stone Dai'. Before drawing, you must first grind Shi Dai on the stone inkstone to make it into powder, and then add water to mix it. Many stone inkstones of Mo Shidai have been found in Han tombs, indicating that this cosmetic was already in use in the Han Dynasty. In addition to Shi Dai, there are Tong Dai, Blue Bird Head Dai and Luo Zi Dai. Tong Dai is a kind of patina-like chemical substance. Green Bird Head Dai is a dark gray thrush material, introduced from the Western Regions during the Southern and Northern Dynasties.

Luozidai is the material for women's thrush in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. It is produced in Persia. It is a kind of daisy that has been processed and manufactured and has become a variety of prescribed shapes. It can be used only by dipping in water without grinding, because its appearance and production process are similar to the ink ingots used in calligraphy and painting, so it is also called 'graphite' or 'thrush ink'. In the Song Dynasty, the use of thrush ink became more widespread, and women seldom used Shidai. Regarding the production method of thrush ink, there are also descriptions in Song people's notes. For example, in 'Shi Lin Guang Ji', it is said: 'One lamp of real sesame oil, rub the core of the lamp tightly, burn the oil lamp in the water and cover it with a small vessel to make smoke Condensate, swipe down as you want. Three days ago, don't soak the brain musk in less oil, pour into the smoke and mix thoroughly, the ink can exceed the lacquer. One method of rotating sesame oil lanterns, use is particularly good.' At the end of the Song Dynasty and the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, the material of the thrush was dubbed 'Thrush Collection Xiangyuan'. After the Yuan Dynasty, all the black eyebrows used by court ladies were selected from the special eyebrow stones of Zhaitang, Mentougou District, Beijing, and the same was true for the Ming and Qing Dynasties. By the early 1920s, as Western culture spread to the east, a series of changes had taken place in the cosmetics of Chinese women. Eyebrow materials, especially rod-shaped eyebrow pencils and chemically modulated black grease.
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