The latest makeup brush cleaning methods

by:MHLAN     2020-06-22
   facial cleanser: Prepare these items before cleaning the makeup brush. Because the makeup brush often contacts the cosmetic bristles, a lot of makeup remains. When the makeup brush contacts the skin, the oil on the skin will also stick to the makeup brush, and the facial cleanser has a good degreasing effect. , No harm to the bristles of makeup brushes, facial cleanser is also a must-have cleansing product for men and women. If there is no better choice, you can try facial cleansing, first wet the makeup brush bristles, squeeze the facial cleanser and apply to the bristles, then Brush it back and forth several times on the brush board, gently rub it several times with your hands, and rinse with water. Makeup brush cleaning    Cleansing water: As a must-have for people who love makeup, makeup remover is also very effective in cleaning makeup brushes. It can not only effectively clean the residue on the makeup brush, but also maintain the makeup brush to avoid bacteria and harm if the makeup brush is not clean. skin. The effect of cleansing water is better than that of facial cleanser. Spray the cleansing water onto the bristles of the makeup brush or directly into the container during cleaning, and rinse it with clean water. Makeup brush cleaning method    Shampoo cleaning: The shampoo system for makeup brushes is relatively clean, because the shampoo has the effect of fluffy hair. The brush with wooden shape has a split problem after washing. Using shampoo to clean the makeup brush can make the makeup brush dry as the new one. So you can use it with confidence. In the process of cleaning the makeup brush, first put a little shampoo in the vessel, then wet the makeup brush under the faucet, dip the shampoo in the vessel; then brush the makeup brush back and forth on the palm a few times, eye shadow The makeup residues will be brushed out, you can also use your hand to squeeze the makeup brush head, squeeze out the dirty water in the brush head; then continue to clear other brushes under the tap, and finally all the cleaned brushes together If the water is too clean, you can repeat the previous cleaning steps once. Latest makeup brush cleaning method The most important thing for the makeup brush is the work after cleaning, you can’t throw it casually. After cleaning the makeup brush, put them on a paper towel, wrap it with a cotton towel and press it as much as possible. Dry a little; take out the makeup brush after pressing it dry, you will find that some brushes are split again; then take a paper towel, tear out a paper towel with a diameter of 6 cm, fold it in half, wrap the brush, pay attention The part that is wrapped in metal should be as tight as possible; then use transparent tape to fix it in a circle around the paper towel, pay attention to the tightness and firmness of the package, and then push forward to wrap the part of the bristles. Place it on the bristles and wrap it; finally find a hair band or rubber band to fix it.   Tie the brush shaft of the makeup brush, and then find a place to hang it to dry. But remember that the bristles should be facing down when they are dry, or not facing up, otherwise the water will flow back and degumme the brush and the metal. Generally, eye makeup brushes can be dried overnight, while face makeup brushes depend on the weather. Usually, they can be dried overnight in summer, but in winter it is not good. After removing the dried makeup brush tissues, the makeup brush will look a little wet. As long as you use your fingers to brush the bristles back and forth, the makeup brush will naturally fluff up and restore the shape of the new brush. If you use the makeup brush urgently after cleaning, you can use a hair dryer to dry it. The wind force and temperature must be controlled. Blow down from the handle. Never blow from the bottom up. The bristles will split and hurt. Bristles. The above is the entire content of the latest makeup brush cleaning methods. If you have good suggestions, you can also analyze them for us.
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