The order of use of setting spray and loose powder

by:MHLAN     2021-10-05
What is the order of using makeup setting spray and loose powder? Recently, many friends will ask when applying makeup, whether to use makeup setting spray and loose powder first, or use loose powder first? Today, the editor of our makeup brush has sorted out the order of using the setting spray and loose powder. I hope to help everyone! First of all, use loose powder first, and then use makeup setting spray (not necessarily all of them need to be used). Generally, choose loose powder or makeup spray, one of which is fine. If you want a good makeup effect and a longer-lasting makeup, it is definitely better to use the two together. The effect of the makeup setting spray is to moisturize, and the loose powder is to absorb oil. The combination of the two can solve the problems of dry skin and oily skin at the same time, making our makeup more durable. Makeup setting spray: For dry skin, use the setting spray to set the makeup, the effect will be better. Because the makeup setting spray has moisturizing effect, there will be no problem of powder sticking. Loose powder: For oily skin, use loose powder to set makeup, the effect will be better, because loose powder can help absorb the oil on the skin surface and reduce the trouble of removing makeup and floating powder. The above two types can be selected according to your actual situation. Now, do you know the order and usage of setting spray and loose powder?
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