The origin of the electric brushes invention - MHLAN toiletries

by:MHLAN     2020-10-03
Entertainers and ladies in makeup, usually put on the skin on the face cream lipid cosmetic first, reoccupy hand slowly to cosmetics and set; And then the powder with powder puff daub on face, use paint powder evenly on the face skin. Now, either by hand or commonly used paint, all needs to spend a long time, still can appear some parts more than some bulls less easily blocked pores, those poor results. In addition, the existing paint a single function. To overcome the deficiency of existing technology, the utility model provides a convenient use to save time, easy to put on the skin evenly on the face of cosmetics electric brushes, and have the functions of skin care massage. Adopted by the utility model to solve the technical problems of hang schemes is: is mainly composed of brush and brush brush hollow body inside room is equipped with battery and motor brush brush head of the base and filler, the animal fur or artificial fur as brush coating on the base of all sides, and the flexible material filler coated inside, brush head is connected with the motor output shaft through its base: brush sets with the power switch on the body. In the brush head with permanent magnet. Beneficial effects of this utility model is: because in the brush body is equipped with the drive to brush a head rotation of motor, thus, use convenient, save time will easily cosmetics distributed evenly in the facial makeup effect is ideal; And the brush head as a massage head massage, can realize and promote the blood circulation, strengthen the cell vitality, has certain health care function.
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