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The right selection as well as the advantages and disadvantages to identify - of cosmetics MHLAN toiletries

by:MHLAN     2020-10-02
In the face of the world of cosmetics, how do I choose the right cosmetics? This is by no means determined by price and popularity. There is only one standard - choose cosmetics - Selects the cosmetics for you, that is, they are comfortable, appropriate and effective cosmetics. Before choosing cosmetics, we must understand the characteristics of the skin and hair, to understand their skin and hair is dry, neutral or oily, so that targeted to buy cosmetics. At the same time, we also pay attention to seasonal changes, such as summer sebaceous glands secretion is more vigorous, skin tend to be fat, winter is just the opposite, so buy cosmetics cannot be used all year round, and should be replaced according to the climate and skin changes in a timely manner. When using cosmetics, avoid using other products. In this way, once the skin has the use of cosmetics, also know the product in the fault state. In addition, the skin needs certain time to adapt to a kind of cosmetics. Different cosmetics manufacturers choose different raw material, have different effects on the skin. Frequent communication make the skin began to face various stimuli without rest all day. The result is to improve skin aging. Should be for a period of time, therefore, choose a few products as much as possible. Cosmetics manufacturers to remind us that we should not blindly spend a lot of money to buy imported cosmetics. Practice has proved that this is not necessarily will be affected by the proportional to the price. When you stand in front of the counter to buy cosmetics, first of all, pay attention to the product, factory name, the name of the hygiene license for production enterprise whether in cosmetics label, or the production date and effective age is indicated in a book; For special use cosmetics, also see whether indicating approval number, and may cause adverse reactions of cosmetics and instructions should be used to use method and the matters needing attention. When buying cosmetics, therefore, should be carefully observed its packaging, instructions and appearance quality, and then open the lid to see its internal quality. High quality cosmetic appearance should be fine, good luster, viscosity and humidity is moderate, uniform color, close to the coating color. After coating, due to the change of light, the color will not cause significant change, also won't changes over time, after coating, moisture to the skin, soft, good touching performance has a strong affinity. Elegant aroma, moderate, odourless, no precipitation, packing seal is good. If it is found that cosmetics, untight seal or are layered, discoloration, blister, peculiar smell, the cosmetic quality not beautiful or has deteriorated. Guarantee period should be 2 - general cosmetics For three years.
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