Three key points of cleaning with makeup brush

by:MHLAN     2020-06-25
   Professional bristle brushes are generally divided into animal hair and synthetic hair. Natural animal wool cloth has complete scales, so the hair is soft and saturated with powder, which can make the color uniform and fit without irritating the skin. Here are three important points for cleaning the makeup brush.    First, soak the eyeshadow brush with water and let it fully wet. Then take out the purchased special make-up brush cleanser, squeeze the cleanser into the eye shadow brush.    Second, gently press the eyeshadow brush with your fingers, squeeze the makeup and dirt out of the eyeshadow brush, and then wash it. Repeat the pressing and washing steps until the makeup and dirt are completely removed.    3. Finally, rinse the eyeshadow brush with detergent, dirt, etc., you can use a clean towel to dry the water in the eyeshadow brush, and then lay it flat on the towel and let it dry naturally before putting it away.
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