Zhongshan cheek is red brush - price MHLAN toiletries

by:MHLAN     2020-10-02
Wool fiber, and a lot of eye shadow brush will be more suitable for animal wool. Cheek is red brush hold down wood tent card inside the box machine, vertical downward soak. Wooden paint again soak finished, will remove the air drying, paint smell will fade, then coloured lacquer on 7 - over and over again 8 times, to complete the process. 5. Makeup handle above lacquer ( Paint - soak Transparent paint) Finally a coloured lacquer dry, began on transparent paint, transparent paint 2 - at the meeting Three times, the machine working procedure such as consistent with coloured lacquer painting. Second, make up brush feral animal and there are many kinds of MAO, common for hair wool, little horse hair, squirrel, yellow Wolf tail hair, etc. The purpose of the brush: facial brush: mainly includes the foundation brush, powder painting, cheek is red brush, brush, etc. Eyes lip brush: mainly includes the eyebrow brush, eye shadow brush, the shadow brush, lip brush, eye shadow brush and there are many kinds of, because eye shadow to many levels, so you also will be divided into color brush, are good content here, and personal advice, if it is a novice, cheek is red brush lip brush: the more simple can the be fond of according to oneself the outline of lip and then filled in. Makeup brush for the first time use to wash? Cleaning steps, makeup brush for the first time to use for a lot of people don't wash always feel unease, like a new dress, small make up recommend buying for the first time to use makeup scrub a better. Because makeup brush on the long time need not when bacteria and breed microbes, some brushes will there be any smell, can still buy a squirrel hair brush, a lot of counterfeit and inferior brand also occasionally have squirrel hair products, the price is acceptable. But we should pay attention to when the choose and buy makeup brush, select the brand or manufacturer to avoid regular brush have no place to solve quality problems, lead to problems in terms of rights, if you don't know how to choose cosmetic brush can contact us for your guidance. Brush to erase the excessive powder) Matte effect is great. Cheek red brush brush powdery bottom stop force directly affect our makeup effect ~ brush to soft hard moderate, elastic, partial hard brush stop force is strong, with very convenient hand the strength of the foundation and break the skin. In addition to see soft hard, also want to see the bristles tightness. Loose brush less powder, makeup effect of partial natural bristles and clear up ~ powder compact arrangement of the brush to grasp force is strong, the block defect effect will be better, solved the acne skin sister. Second, the foundation brush foundation brush is used for liquid foundation makeup brush. Generally there are three, one is cant foundation brush & ndash; — Brush can not only in the face, the fluid foundation can also be grooming brush brush, and highlights are generally multifunctional brush; One is a flat brush, mainly used for facial foundation treatment; And there's a circular foundation brush, commonly used in partial makeup effect. right
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