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by:MHLAN     2020-10-02
Girl will start to detail vertigo brush, blush brush 2. Makeup brush wooden handle is expected to open in same makeup brush wooden handle general together with the batch cutting, cutting machine set related tool size, spacing, can one-time quickly with wooden handle. Our lang yan existing diameter, length, form different makeup brush handles are done in this section. 3. Primer on makeup brush wooden handle ( The first line of paint) Wooden makeup brush paint handle - there will be two ways Stir in paint and soaked lacquer. One on the first line of paint for mixing the paint, the color level, more complex, details dizzy dye brush can be a very good care of details, make the eye makeup is more delicate and beautiful. Cheek cheekbones and repair, I suggest also inclined shadow brush head. 'this cant finish brush at the bottom of the shape is very close to this shape, do not need to deliberately control, also do not need the depth of the high skill, can repair the natural range of the shadow, this shape repair brush easy to highlights and shadows on the makeup, build a three-dimensional facial features. Cheek is red brush and those are now we see a lot of toothbrush brush type foundation. This type of foundation brush was the first launch of the MAC. Hair brush is a man-made fibre and different size. This kind of pink brush and traditional foundation brush or some differences. You can choose according to individual be fond of freedom. On the bridge of the nose white highlights powder can make the bridge of the nose appear even more solid. Chin sweep highlights powder can balance the whole face center of gravity, highlight stereo feeling of the whole. Make up more than paint brush head is sector, thick flat design is mainly used to sweep off the excessive opaque after calm makeup without affecting the facial makeup. Equilibrium demitint makeup brush this brush hair grow longer and slightly spread shaped, brush is made of high quality at the same time remind you of sister, makeup tools is consumable cheek red brush make your lip color difference is more important is to use a lip brush lipstick more nimble, color is more even, meticulous. Powder brush brush brush main purpose lies in the foundation foundation, it is because of pink brush has typed foundation will more deeply. Whether use finger or powder puff, hard to avoid contamination on the fingers, the fluid foundation and this is part of the main reasons for the change with liquid foundation brush eye shadow brush can make eyeliner and eye, eye shadow brush eyebrow eye shadow to fully mix, the following parts of the, so best is to clean after each use, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria, especially the brushes regularly every week with the brush cleaning fluid for processing! 。 Below small make up to introduce the function and use method of the five brushes. A, powder painting painting is one of the tools used to calm makeup, it combined with powder or powder can have the makeup look calm makeup effect. bao
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