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by:MHLAN     2020-09-29
Easy to locate position shot in the shadows. Repair less several times in it, according to the color of skin: choose cosmetics such as lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, nail polish, must be in harmony with the own color depth. Skin color is white people, should be chosen with sunscreen cosmetics. According to the season, different season, the use of cosmetics is also different. In the cold season, appropriate chooses nourishing, moisturizing cosmetics being strong of performance, and in the summer, appropriate chooses the emulsion or powder cosmetics. Sweet stucco and dizziness should clean, otherwise it will make the makeup is very dirty, can also according to your own face shape choosing appropriate repair methods, every facial repair focus can be different. Make-up brush is our commonly used tools, especially the colour makeup brushes can use the fast and good makeup, but because of the makeup brush set is like the same, just doesn't make up a lip brush head is flat, sweet stucco reoccupy eyebrow pencil, trace the main form of the eyebrows, next reoccupy eyebrow comb brush along the direction of light eyebrows, make the eyebrow color shades, natural coordination, final reoccupy eyebrow comb to draw eyebrow comb agreeable. With the help of the eyebrow brush and eyebrow comb, draw eyebrows nature, neat powder paint powder paint is a kind of makeup tools. Brush with it dipped in powder, in coated with pink face, than the softer, more natural with a puff. With powder paint base advantage, calm makeup effect light, made from lip brush with top yellow Wolf tail hair, more precise outline of lip, let double lip colour more full uniform, build a three-dimensional contour. A good makeup cheek is red brush brush can make the cheeks pink is tender nature, natural high quality foot a round white tip pure wool handmade brush head is easily the best choice of the natural look. Cheek is red brush touch soft and delicate, the brush dips in proper amount after blush pink light dump, looks soft nature as far as possible, not and other skin color chromatism, honey paint brush now nozzle material basic it is made of aluminum, aluminum of high strength, good plasticity, can firmly hold the brush. Foundation brush brush maomao quantity is rich, contrast aluminum pipe, copper pipe can pressure the bristles, let the bristles tight, more delicate make-up. Nozzle note glue is also worth attention. Note glue is too much & other; Glue & throughout; Can tell to the naked eye, but too little note glue can lead to brush degumming in frequent use and cleaning. With sweet pink base, finally make concealer and foundation. Four, eye shadow brush, eye shadow brush just as its name implies is used to dealing with eye makeup tools. In general eye shadow brush size compared with concealer brush and paint are much smaller, the pursuit of the bristles detail does not hurt the eye as well as the soft natural bristles. In general eye shadow brush can be suitable for eye shadow,
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