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by:MHLAN     2020-10-02
Wool fiber, and a lot of eye shadow brush will be more suitable for animal wool. Makeup brush set choose cosmetics is the most important is to see the quality is guaranteed. Generally choose factory, famous brand of cosmetics is better, because of factory equipment, products with high standard and quality assured, and brand-name products in general is trustworthy products, safe to use. Can't buy without manufacturers and marks of cosmetics goods, at the same time pay attention to the product without inspection certificate and production permit, in case of counterfeit. Animal wool has a lot of kinds, common for hair wool, little horse hair, squirrel, yellow Wolf tail hair, etc. The purpose of the brush: facial brush: mainly includes the foundation brush, powder painting, cheek is red brush, brush, etc. Eyes lip brush: mainly includes the eyebrow brush, eye shadow brush, the shadow brush, lip brush, eye shadow brush and there are many kinds of, because eye shadow to many levels, so you also will be divided into color brush, so every time take powder are not many, color easy to hold, make-up brush set all the steps are essential & ndash; — Makeup brushes! Common bottom makeup brush brush type of tongue, flat brush, brush round head three categories. Don't recommend to use tongue type brush on bottom makeup, because the average tongue type brush bristles are usually not solid enough, the bottom makeup is easy to produce brush marks, and the face of contact area is small, in order to reduce the brush mark is need more direction at the same time. For technology has certain requirements. Every time a small amount of land to brush her face, can achieve very natural shading effect. 2, if you need to look strong and bright color, and make-up techniques can also be, cheek is red brush can choose slightly hard, this kind of extraction, cheek is red brush coloring range accurately, rapidly, make-up on the cheek is red the position and shape of gimmick to grasp the demand is higher, can use coarse texture light wool. Light wool, thick light wool, fine light wool mixed squirrel hair of this series. Natural natural makeup brush set make makeup effect, and relatively save the amount of powder. Powder paint is in use, can gently dab powder, after redundant float pink filter out, in the calm makeup on the face, gently. Finally, by a pen a pen will face down on the excess powder paint in addition to the lip brush lip brush can easily will be remaining lipstick use light lipstick tube, if there is no labial line pen, can also be used to map lip line; If you have some lipstick, can with the help of a lip brush out a new color, followed by small wool, horse hair, mink fur series. Mink fur generally do eye shadow brush, commonly used for large area and wool brush, such as the cheek red brush brush, shadow brush, silhouette, powder paint and so on. Judge makeup brush brush is the key to the quality of a material, synthetic hair feel hard, difficult to brush color uniform, but it is durable and convenient cleaning. But some
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